sâmbătă, 24 decembrie 2011

Alexandra Stan

Her sophomore release, "Mr. Saxobeat", became her worldwide breakthrough hit, selling almost 1,000,000 copies in less than a year and reaching the top five in over twenty countries such as New Zealand and the United Kingdom and the top thirty in Australia, Canada and Billboard Hot 100.
Alexandra Stan has become one of the most successful artists in Romania and she is the third Romanian singer after Inna and Edward Maya ft Vika Jigulina that was on the top of the US Hot Dance Airplay chart.

marți, 7 iunie 2011

The Fountain Pen - a Romanian invention

Try to imagine writing your entire life with only a pencil.... not so convenient isn’t it?
in case you didn’t know…the pen was invented by a romanian profesor named Petrache Poenaru.
The Romanian inventor received a French patent for the invention of the first fountain pen with a replacable ink cartridge on May 25, 1827.                                              

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