vineri, 3 iunie 2011

The People's House - the second largest building in the world

Claiming superlative as the world's second-largest building by surface area (after the sneakily spacious US Pentagon), The People's House  - now the Palace of Parliament - is one of Romania's biggest tourist attractions in Bucharest.
Meant to be the crowning achievement of 'Centrul Civic' or 'Civic Centre' - Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu's ambitious urban development plan - the Palace of Parliament represents one of the most extravagant and expensive building projects in the history of mankind;
Ceausescu conceived the palace as a great legacy for his Golden Epoch. It was meant to last forever; it is indestructible and was built to resist a nuclear attack.

The Palace measures 270 m by 240 m; 86 m high and 92 m below ground level. Astonishing - a building which is taller underneath the ground, we’re talking about 12 floors above level zero, and about eight, underneath (plus foundation and parking lots).
Some bewildering statistics:...
  • 1,100 rooms
  • 3,500 tonnes of crystal
  • 700,000 tonnes of steel and bronze
  • 200,000 m² of woolen carpets (the largest one weights about 4 tonnes and has 600m²)
  • 1,000.000 cubic meters of marble
  • 5,500 tonnes of cement
  • 7,000 tonnes of steel
  • 20,000 tonnes of sand
  • 1,000 tonnes of basalt

Address: Palatul Parlamentului, 2-4 Izvor, sect.5, Bucureşti

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